5 Reasons Why Journaling with God is Better Than Your iPad

1/27/20241 min read

a woman holding a book in her hands
a woman holding a book in her hands

In our gadget-filled world, where iPads and tech rule, there's a delightful escape that your digital sidekick can't match—journaling with God. Here are five reasons why it's way better:

1. Connection Unplugged:

When you journal with God, it's a direct line to the divine. Forget iPad distractions; immerse yourself in a personal and intimate experience, fostering a spiritual connection iPads can't replicate.

2. Reflect without Notifications:

Journaling invites reflection. Write down thoughts and experiences without iPad distractions. Gain insights and perspective without the ping of notifications or internet temptations.

3. Digital Detox:

In a world buzzing with notifications, journaling offers a chance to unplug. Pen to paper, you create a sacred space for thoughts and prayers, free from iPad interruptions.

4. Tangible Touch:

Feel the weight of paper, the texture of the cover, and the pen in your hand—journaling with God is a sensory experience iPads can't match. Connect physically to your faith journey for a more immersive experience.

5. Creative Expression:

Doodle, draw, or write poetry alongside prayers—journaling with God allows creative expression iPads can't replicate. While iPads may offer digital tools, they lack the tactile experience and freedom of expression of traditional journaling.

While iPads have their place, journaling with God offers a unique, irreplaceable experience. The connection, reflection, opportunity to unplug, tangibility, and creativity make it a valuable practice for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual connection. So, say goodbye to your iPad and hello to a journal—your soul will thank you!